People Matter: How we upskill our employees to bee the best worker bees they can bee

By Rose Lewis on Feb 05, 2020
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Skill them up!

We are proud to offer a diverse and vibrant culture in the place of work that we call Our Hive and that all stems from our people.

As Henry Ford once said:

"The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave, is not training them and having them stay."

Is it Upskilling or Reskilling?

There can be some confusion about the difference between upskilling and reskilling employees. Let’s get this cleared up first. Upskilling refers to improving employees’ skill profiles by training them in new areas. What this means is adding new additional skills. Reskilling is slightly different. When you’re reskilling employees, you’re replacing outdated skills to meet the changing needs of the market.

Why Upskill an Employee?

When designing training to help upskill an employee in a particular area, we first need to look at what would be the main benefits, as training and learning the new skill costs time and money. The main benefits of upskill training are:

1. Improved employee productivity

Employees who are driven and committed will want to climb the steps of the progression ladder as fast as possible. Sometimes they can be held back or slip down as they don’t have the right skills, or enough skills, to give them the boost to achieve their goals. This could lead to a severe lack in productivity with the employee not having the skills to be productive in what they are doing. By upskilling them in what they need, we are giving them the helping hand to the ladder of success.

2. Employee engagement and retention

Recruit, Train, Engage, Retain. If we have the first step right and plant the seeds ready to grow, but don’t give them the water and encouragement they need, then the process all falls apart. We do not want Our Hive to become a revolving door. By upskilling our existing employees and watching them grow steadily within the business, we allow them to grow roots which will lead to a happy and engaged workforce.

3. Business satisfaction

If your employees are happy then business will take care of itself. This phrase is definitely true and is central to the success of Our Hive. We want to be able to harvest the rewards from our success and allow all of our customers to share in our satisfaction that they are getting the best service possible in a nice and simple way.

We have recently taken on board a young lady who has joined our business development academy and is on the road to a successful marketing career.

Loren has a passion for digital marketing and is on the first step of her marketing career ladder. We have provided her that helping hand to take the next step by enrolling her onto a course to help her with Content Writing.

Loren Fay

"Taking part in my Content Marketing Course has allowed me to boost the skills I already had, whilst giving me the ability to broaden my knowledge and acquire new skills. The course has given me an insight on how to market your business to a specific demographic and has helped me immensely within social media management and content creation. The course has included vast amounts of great content and is well documented with up to date and useful information."